Some start-up businesses jump out at you. Such was the case for this brilliant online tool to help home-working and remotely located global teams operate smoothly, efficiently and in a more human way.

We needed to create a brand that was visionary and disruptive. It started with an original name, Vuurb, and a big idea tagline to go with it, ‘For the doing’.

Soon after, Vuurby came along. (He?) (She?) (It?) became both our symbol of connected team work, as well as a kind of fun, active, jumping spidery character. We’re all for bringing brands to life. Sometimes, we do it literally.

We felt like we were helping to change how the world worked. We brought in a campaigning style and tone of voice. If you want to move people away from what they already know and if you want to turn investment heads: you need to be your own revolution.

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