Queen’s Quarter is a massive redevelopment of Croydon, a large town in south London, UK. 500+ new homes, more public space, enhanced green space, new commercial and retail units and a cool, new community cafe. An astonishing 50% of the homes are designated as affordable housing, to ensure this rebooted place is a brilliant asset to the area.

Working with ace property developers HUB London, we were asked to create a brand identity for this new community. We wanted it to be super bold and confident. Croydon is often misunderstood. There is much local pride. We wanted to give this place the energy and positive spirit it deserved.

Inspired by the adjacent Queen’s Gardens, we created Queen’s Quarter and set about designing a look that fused a message of united diversity with an ultra-simple Q motif.

Very simple solutions are hard to sell. But we pride ourselves on our careful story-telling and attention to detail to ensure key stakeholders don’t just understand the idea – but love it.

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