This is a perfect Lawless branding story.

We had worked with Kim previously when she was at Tesco. She had an epiphany one day and decided she'd launch a confidence app, aimed at hard-working and high-stressed women.

We talked about what it should look and feel like. We workshopped a brand definition and enjoyed the naming process together. We then created the identity (we like our little 'me-time' logo gag) and delivered the things she needed to get going. 

It's been an amazing success story ever since.

A big highlight would be when the app was named as Apple's 'App Of The Day'. Now, it's growing fast and recently reached an astonishing 35,000 users to become a major player in the sector. Actually, it'll be a lot more than that now but we're not going to keep updating this bit of text.

Basically: it's blooming and the branding work really helped.

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